About Us

One Mission

Together we have one Mission: Save our Planet. Our forests are disappearing, and our earth is dying. We work with well renowned global and local organizations to allocate 100% of our gathered funds to impactful Rainforest Preservation and Rainforest Reforestation projects around the world.

Our Vision

The Impact of
1 Million Acres

1 Million Acres

1 Million Acres is about the equivalent area of 2 times the size of Luxemburg.

700 Million Trees

700 million trees has a huge impact for the local environment and saves more than 700 million ton of CO2

15,800 Species

10 million acres of rainforest will save approx. 15,800 animal and plant species from go distinct.

7 Billion Ton CO2

7 Billion Ton of CO2 Saved is a huge impact. USA emits 7 billion ton CO per year. We will save more than they emit per year.

What Members Say

  • "There is nothing more important than our rainforests, and Oxygen understands this very well"

    Niklas Rooth

  • "Great job done by everyone involved! Proud to be part of this community"

    Sam Brownwood

  • “Oxygen has revolutionized the way individuals and businesses can make a contribution to a better world. A very exciting development”

    Andrew G.

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