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When you save one acre of rainforest. Your contribution will fund land acquisition, legal fees and security costs to ensure that the saved acres will be protected as part of a designated land preserve. To commemorate your saved acre, you will receive a certificate documenting the number of acres you helped to protect.

Healthy tropical ecosystems are imperative to maintaining our planet. Rainforests give us clean air to breathe, a stable climate, plants that produce medicine, and are home to thousands of animals and people that depend on their protection for survival.

  • Recieve a Certificate With Your Name
  • Clean the Air You Breathe
  • Offset Your Carbon Footprint With 20,000 Ton CO2
  • Save Hundreds of Animals and Plants
  • Help People Depending on Rainforest
  • Contribute to Better Weather

Your Impact by Saving
1 Acre Rainforest

Tropical rainforests are the world’s richest and most productive ecosystems, containing half of all living species on the planet. Their value is incalculable. In addition to their sheer beauty, the rainforests are a deterrent against the greenhouse effect, and they contain a genetically rich resource yet virtually untapped wealth of plants whose curative properties could benefit humankind.


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Animal Species

The Global Rate for De-forestation is 32 Million Acres Every Year

At the present rate of tropical deforestation, the world's remaining tropical rainforests will vanish in just 30 years. By working together we can make a difference! Deforestation in the tropical areas of the world is following a course similar to the earlier clearing of the forests in Europe and North America, only advancing more rapidly. Today, more than 3 billion people live in the tropics alone, more than lived in the entire world in 1950.To provide food, wood, fuel and resources for the world's rapidly growing population, and to make room for the exploding tropical population, the world's tropical rainforests are literally disappearing

The global rate for deforestation is 32 million acres every year.

Rainforests are home to two-thirds of all living animal and plant species on the planet, with hundreds of millions of species still undiscovered

Six million different species live in the world’s rainforests

Rainforests are the world’s single biggest “carbon sink”, holding as much as 50% of the Earth’s carbon

Oxygen Focus Projects

We focus on saving real acres of rainforest through protection. Each of our projects has been identified as crucial to preserving critical habitat for endangered species. And with your help, we can save them now

Delacour's Langur Rainforest

983,000 acres Save an acre

Coastal Forest in Côte D'Ivoire

800,050 acres Save an acre

Cameroon's Atlantic Rainforest

560,657 acres Save an acre

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